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Exaqua Basic methods

Product code: 9901

License key for the activation of basic methods for water parameter testing.


  • Enhance you photometer functionality by activating one of the available licenses to measure more parameters, see the List of method procedures.

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License key for the activation of basic methods for water parameter testing.

Inside the licence pack
(the list of activated methods):

  • Z010F – Alkalinity KH fresh water
  • Z021 – General hardness GH
  • Z030 – pH 4.5 – 6.0 fresh water
  • Z040 – pH 6.0 – 8.5 fresh water
  • Z050F – pH 4.5 – 9.0 fresh water
  • Z210H – Nitrate NO3 high range
  • Z210L – Nitrate NO3 low range
  • Z220H – Nitrite NO2 high range
  • Z220L – Nitrite NO2 low range
  • Z230 – Total ammonia NH4 fresh water
  • Z240F – Phosphate PO4 fresh water
  • Z410 – Iron Fe
  • Z420 – Manganese Mn fresh water
  • Z430F – Copper Cu fresh water
  • Z440 – Silicon Si
  • Z450H – Potassium K high range
  • Z450L – Potassium K low range
  • Z472 – Calcium fresh water
  • Z 473 – Magnesium fresh water
  • Z610F – Sulphate SO4 fresh water
  • Z620 – Dissolved oxygen O2
  • Z630 Dioxide carbon CO2

The activated and entered key remains valid after photometer software resets or updates.

For use with (application):

fresh water


Alkalinity KH, Calcium Ca fresh water, Carbon dioxide CO2, Copper Cu, Dissolved oxygen O2, Iron Fe, Magnesium Mg fresh water, Manganese Mn, Nitrate NO3 high range, Nitrate NO3 low range, Nitrite NO2 high range, Nitrite NO2 low range, pH 4.5-6.0, pH 4.5-9.0, pH 6.0-8.5, Phosphate PO4, Potassium K fresh water High range, Potassium K fresh water Low range, Silicon Si, Sulphate SO4 fresh water, Total ammonia NH4 fresh water, Total hardness GH

Photometer type:

Exaqua PRO 3 / PRO 6


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