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PRO 3 Fresh Water Set

Nr kat. 9820
The set for the measurement of basic water parameters in freshwater aquariums and garden ponds containing the Exaqua PRO3 photometer, reagents and accessories in transportation case.

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Control freshwater parameters whenever you want

Fresh Water Set contains photometer and all necessary reagents for the measurement of basic water parameters in freshwater aquariums and garden ponds. Specifically suited to perform water analysis in the field (in lakes, rivers or streams) thanks to the innovative photometer engine resistant to ambient light and the compact transportation case ensuring safe and easy organizing of the measurement kit. The set contains the Exaqua photometer, reagents and all required accessories to perform an immediate measurement.

All components are safely placed in well-fitted slots made out of resistant foam, thus preventing their displacement during transport regardless of the case position. Exaqua Fresh Water Set can be also successfully used in education, especially in the field of environmental protection studies

Inside the set
Fresh Water Set:

(7 parameters /9 methods)

    portable multiwavelength photometer with:
    – USB cable with power adaptor
    – instruction manual
  • Licences
    – Exaqua Basic
    – Exaqua Exatitr
  • pH 4.5-9.0 (method Z050F)
    – reagent pH 4.5-9.0
  • Alkalinity KH (method Z010F)
    – reagent KH
    – 1 ml syringe
  • Total hardness GH (method Z021)
    – reagent GH-1
    – reagent GH-2
    – 1 ml syringe with tip
    – via I with hole cap
  • Nitrite N02 high/low (method Z220H/L)
    – reagent NO2-1
    – reagent NO2-2
  • Nitrate N03 high/low (method Z210H/L)
    – reagent NO3-1
    – reagent NO3-3
    – powder Reagent NO3-2
    – spatula
    – 1 ml syringe
  • Total ammonia NH4 fresh (method Z230)
    – reagent NH4-1
    – reagent NH4-3
    – powder reagent NH4-2
    – spatula
  • Phosphate PO4 fresh (method Z240F)
    – reagent PO4-1
    – powder reagent PO4-2
    – spatula
  • Additional accessories:
    – vials with caps -4 pcs.
    – 5 ml syringe – 2 pcs.
    – cleaning cloth
    – deionized water 100 ml

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Weight 1,72 kg
Dimensions 29 × 34 × 7,5 cm

Alkalinity KH, Nitrate NO3 high range, Nitrate NO3 low range, Nitrite NO2 high range, Nitrite NO2 low range, pH 4.5-9.0, Phosphate PO4, Total ammonia NH4 fresh water, Total hardness GH

Photometer type:

Exaqua PRO 3

For use with (application):

fresh water


Eco-education, Freshwater aquariums, Garden ponds, Hydropnic cultivations

Licence type:

Exaqua BASIC methods, Exaqua EXATITR methods


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