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Product code: 9804
Complete set for taking measurements in marine water including PRO3 photometer with 3 licenses and Marine Water START package

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Complete set for taking measurements in marine water. The set contains the Exaqua PRO 3 photometer with 3 licenses available and the Marine Water START package including reagents sets for determining basic parameters in marine water.

Inside the Mega Pack:

  • Exaqua PRO3 photometer
    modern portable multiwavelength photometer with unique Rayject
    transport case
    – Exaqua PRO3 photometer
    – 5 ml syringe
    – USB cable with power adaptor
    – samples vials with caps (4 pcs.)
    – instruction manual
    – quality certificate
    – warranty card
  • Exaqua Z-methods pack
    set of licenses activating measurements for all available Zoolek methods
    – Exaqua Basic methods
    – Exaqua Marine methods
    – Exaqua Exatitr methods
  • Marine Water START package
    reagent sets for the following parameters:
    alkalinity KH (Method Z010) – 1 pc.
    – pH 4.5-9.0 (Method Z050M) – 1 pc.
    – nitrate NO3 high/low range (Method Z210H/L) – 1 pc.
    – nitrite NO2 high/low range (Method Z220H/L) – 1 pc.
    – total ammonia NH4 (Method Z231) – 1 pc.
    – phosphate PO4 (Method Z240M) – 1 pc.
    – copper Cu (Method Z430M) – 1 pc.
    – silicon Si (Method Z440) – 1 pc.
    – magnesium Mg (Method Z460) – 1 pc.
    – calcium Ca (Method Z461) – 1 pc.
    – deionized water – 1 bottle (100 ml)

Measurement procedures, see Exaqua Instrument Manual.

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Weight 1,800 kg

Alkalinity KH, Calcium Ca marine water, Copper Cu, Magnesium Mg marine water, Nitrate NO3 high range, Nitrate NO3 low range, Nitrite NO2 high range, Nitrite NO2 low range, pH 4.5-9.0, Phosphate PO4, Silicon Si, Total ammonia NH4 marine water


470 nm, 520 nm, 610 nm

Photometer type:

Exaqua PRO 3

For use with (application):

marine water

Licence type:

Exaqua BASIC methods, Exaqua EXATITR methods


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