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Exaqua is a brand of innovative multiparameter photometers with a set of reagents for testing water parameters in aquaculture, agriculture and industry. Through the implementation of advanced technology combined with the awareness of some shortcomings of solutions currently available on the market, Exaqua photometers have ultimate resistance to ambient light, a user-friendly system for easy and convenient titration measurements and possibility to measure pH in a wide range in one test. Exaqua is a portable, compact analysis device with long working time which is more accessible to everyone due to its considerably lower price and easier, trouble-free operation.

Exaqua - fotometr dla kazdego
Exatitr – innowacyjny system przewodnika dla pomiaru fotometrycznego
Exatitr – innowacyjny system przewodnika dla pomiaru fotometrycznego

Exaqua photometers feature the Exatitr system, which makes titration measurement easy, convenient, and accurate. Made possible through Rayject technology, Exatitr allows for live readings and includes an end-point indication system that improves titration accuracy. Testing such parameters like total hardness or the content of calcium and magnesium can be carried out with high precision.

Technologia Rayject
Technologia Rayject

Exaqua equipped with Rayject technology is the only photometer on the market with ultimate resistance to ambient light. There is no need to cover the sample vial during measurement. Tests can be conducted in field conditions, or in a bright laboratory without an easy-to-lose sample cover.

Fotometr ExAqua - Metoda Z050 pH 4.5-9.0
Fotometr ExAqua - Metoda Z050 pH 4.5-9.0

Widerange is a marking of highly wide-range methods operating at several wavelengths. Exqaua users already can benefit from the available method Z050 pH 4.5-9.0 which allows to take measurements in a wider range of pH without necessity to combine several sets of reagents.

Reagent sets
chose a parameter and just measure it

ExAqua - zestawy odczynników

How to choose
the right set of reagents

To choose a proper reagent set, check all important information related to available parameters to be measured, e.g. range, resolution or type of water, on the list of method procedures or simply visit our Product page. If you have any questions or need some support contact directly Exaqua Service Centre.  Each set is equipped with all necessary accessories (syringes, vials or spatulas). The methods for available parameters are programmed into the Exaqua photometers and it is not required to make any further adjustments to take a measurement.

Exaqua photometers

Exaqua – Research and Development

The Exaqua PRO3 / 6 photometer was created in pursue of a convenient and reliable tool for photometric measurements of chemical water parameters in almost all operating conditions.

Exaqua photometer users

Exaqua users

Exaqua PRO3/6 photometers support daily work in many institutions, companies, shops and homes. Find out what some Exaqua users say about their experience in using these photometers.

Mobile application
access to your measurement results from mobile devices

  • Manage your registered data in a convenient way thanks to the highly intuitive user interface of the Exaqua photometer
  • Create lists of measurement data on your smartphone or tablet
  • A simple way of creating reports and overviews of collected data
  • Filter your results according to selected criteria
  • Share your experience and knowledge thanks to the option to export your data to PDF or XLS files
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ExAqua - zestawy odczynników

Exaqua in education

Exaqua is a Laboratory partner
in the EC1 Science and Technology Centre in Lodz, Poland

As part of cooperation, Exaqua photometers and reagents are used for didactic classes conducted in the state-of-the-art workshop space at the unique cultural, scientific and technical centre CNiT EC1, Lodz, Poland. The aim is to promote and deepen knowledge in the field of analysis of chemical water parameters, its usefulness in industry, research and in many aspects of everyday life.

Exaqua fotometr EC1
Exaqua fotometr EC1